CNC Router Machine 50″x100″ (4’x8′) Econoline

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This is an affordable CNC Router or Milling machine with a working envelope of 50″ by 100″ or (1270mm x2560mm)

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Note: This is a custom size machine base on the 4×4 with the Y axis lengthen to 100″ Travel. Also includes additional mount with a 1/2″ hole for drag knife. Control package will be changed to be used with Mach3

This is a CNC Router or Milling machine with a working envelope of 50″ by 1000″ or  (1270mm x 2560mm). The machine comes complete with control box/drivers and stepper motors. It’s controlled by GRBL which connects your computer via USB. The wooden table top (3/4″ MDF) is not included. The unit was fully assembled and tested then broken down in several pieces for shipping. (Re-assembly will take no more than 30 min to 1 hr). The drive system on the X and Y is a wide belt system with steel reinforced for a smooth and rigid operation. The Z is driven by precision stainless steel lead-screw with anti-backlash nut.


Travel (Cutting Area):

X = 50″ (1270 mm)
Y = 100″ (2560mm)
Z = 4.3″ (110mm) (Z clearance under gantry is 3″)

Overall footprint: 64″ x 108″ x 18″ (1620 x 2750 x 460mm)


  • Aluminum frame & hardware
  • 4 – NEMA-23 stepper motors
  • Pre-wired with terminal connectors
  • Cable Drag Chain to keep wires neat and tidy
  • Control Box and high-torque drivers
  • Industrial grade motion controller (GRBL firmware)
  • Homing switches
  • USB Stick with Control software (Candle-vBot-GRBL)
  • Cutting spindle (Makita 1.25 HP Router)
  • Spindle Relay Module (Automatic on/off of Spindle)
  • One 0.25″ Carbide end mill cutter
Required to finish (Not Included):
  • Wooden Table Top (48″ x 60″ MDF)
  • Control Computer (Windows XP to Win10 with USB)
  • CAD/CAM Software of your choice (Cut2D, VCarve, SheetCAM, Fusion 360)